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Eurofinance 2022

Meet us at EuroFinance Vienna

Exalog will be in Vienna from September 21st to 23rd to participate in EuroFinance 2022, the leading European event dedicated to treasury and cash management.

Nouveautés Allmybanks

What’s new in Allmybanks – March 2022

What’s new in Allmybanks – March 2022 The Allmybanks software has seen some nice improvements in the beginning of the year 2022. Banking costs statements

Livre blanc sécurité des paiements

White Paper Payment Security

What actions should you take to reduce the risks associated with your payment orders? Attempts to defraud payment orders are on the increase, and fraudsters

Livre blanc gestion de trésorerie

White Paper Treasury Forecasts

Treasury Forecasts is not that complicated, get started! This white paper is intended for anyone who is aware of the importance of cash flow forecasting


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