Multi-channel and multi-format banking communication

Cegid Allmybanks offers a variety of local and international file formats and protocols for banking communication.

Local format library

Formats and protocols

To be able to share data securely with your banks worldwide, you must have access to file formats used by each bank, as well as a suitable data transmission channel.

Cegid Allmybanks, the software for treasury management and payments security, makes all standard file formats available to you:

  • International: ISO 20022, SEPA, SWIFT (MT101, MT3XX), EDIFACT, Paymul
  • Local: AEB, BACS, Chaps CFONB, DTA, CNAB, etc.

The Cegid Allmybanks software uses its own multi-protocol communication platform, which offers connectivity in real time to all the banks in the world via:

  • SWIFTNet: the international banking protocol
  • EBICS T or EBICS TS: the French and German banking protocol
  • FTPs et SFTP: the generic transmission protocols regularly used in the banking sector
  • PeSit: the generic transmission protocol for French regulated institutions
Library of local formats

Guaranteed to be compatible with all your banks

Contract includes upgrades to exchange protocols

Development of new banking formats available at no extra charge

Formats bancaires

Formats taken into account

International formats :

SWIFT: MT101, MT300, MT305, MT940, MT942
ISO 20022: pain.001.001.02, pain.001.001.03, pain.008.001.02, camt.053, camt.052, camt.054, acmt.022, acmt.02z

Specific local formats (not exhaustive) :

France: CFONB, VCOM400, TLMC, FRFC, Norrsken, CB debit and credit statements
Belgium: CODA
Germany: DATZV
Spain: AEB, Euroconfirming
Italy: RIBA
Ireland: SIF
Poland: PLI
Switzerland:, pain.008.001.02.chsdd.02,,, LSV+, DTA
Austria: DIRDEB
Argentina: PYRIP
Brazil: CNAB
Mexico: MEXICO
Congo: CFONB
Senegal: CFONB
Japan: Zengin


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