More than 150 major groups have chosen the Cegid Allmybanks application to manage their treasury.

It represents nearly 12,000 users around the world connecting to the software every day.


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For over 10 years, Cegid Allmybanks software has been used in many financial departments of companies around the world. The solution meets the needs of profiles such as treasurers or administrative and financial directors (CFO) of ETIIntermediate-sized companies (ETI) are companies whose size varies between 250 and 5000 employees. They are at the heart of an economy's competitiveness because they combine the agility of small companies with the resources often associated with larger ones., large companies, holding companies A holding company is a group of shareholders, in the form of a company, who own shares in several companies. or international groups A company that has a parent company (or headquarters) in one country and subsidiaries in foreign countries. from all sectors


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