Cash pooling

Centralise your cash

Cash pooling allows you to centralise all the accounts of a group and thus optimise the cash management of your different subsidiaries. You can quickly visualize your cash needs and surpluses thanks to the cash pooling techniques available in Allmybanks: ZBA, TBA, notional cash pooling, etc.

Physical cash pooling

Banking cash pool

Allmybanks allows every company to draw on the data derived from their bank’s automatic cash pool. In order to detect treasury transactions that may affect the current account of each counterpart, the administrator defines the way in which an account statement can be read. So as soon as account statements have been received, the program records the corresponding transactions in the current accounts of each company (current account holder and counterpart).

Bank ZBA and assisted TBA

The treasurer defines the central account and participating accounts. For each account, the treasurer specifies the balance to be achieved (target: TBA). He/she can subsequently amend or cancel particular transfers and check the amount charged in the counterpart’s current account. Following these checks, the treasurer validates execution of the balancing transfers and sends them to the bank. Each balancing transaction is automatically carried into the corresponding current accounts.

Cash pooling notionnel

Notional cash pooling

Based on a cash management agreement and cross guarantees, the group can centralise cash and ask its bank to charge the banking costs via an amalgamation of banking charges. Allmybanks makes it possible to calculate the banking costs from the amalgamated charges.


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