Interface accountant automation

Connect your management software with the ERP Interface

Through our ERP interface, FTP-Bank, Allmybanks can be interfaced with your existing information system. By connecting the two systems, you can manage your payments and cash flow more securely and efficiently without having to manually enter data.

Automation of flows using FTP-Bank

With FTP-Bank, you automate the two-way file exchange between your management programs and Allmybanks, regardless of your information system’s environment.

Reliability and security of payments with FTP-Bank

End-to-end security

Automation of bank deposits

Duplicate entries deleted

Reliability and security of payments with FTP-Bank

Thanks to FTP-Bank, by reducing human intervention, you make your processing more reliable and your payments more secure, all the while retaining control.

Send your order remittances directly from your management software:

  • Standardised banking remittance files (SWIFT MT, SEPA, ISO20022, national formats, etc.)
  • Accounting entries to be integrated into the treasury (forecasts) or accounting reconciliation modules
  • Currency rate and market rate

Integrate your account statements into your IT chains automatically (e.g. your accounting software or ERP, etc.) for processing:

AMB your IS
  • Transaction statements
  • Unpaid reports
  • Payment Status Reports


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