Create your management reports with Allmybanks


Allmybanks gives you a decision-making assistance tool which promotes more effective internal communication and allows you to contribute to strategic decisions.

Reports that can be configured to help you solve your specific problems

With Allmybanks, you can create management reports (chart or statement of figures) with a structure that can be configured by group of accounts, grouping of group of accounts, budgetary code or transaction type.

This means that Allmybanks does not limit the organisational capabilities of your management reports.

To save you time and speed up your daily processing, you can save macro-commands that enable you to generate your most frequent reports in assisted mode.

Precise statistical management reports

Using the reports available in Allmybanks, you can analyse:

  • Variations in balances by budgetary code and transaction type
  • Average liabilities of bank accounts or internal accounts
  • Loans by holder (by debt type or term of loan)
  • Summarised statements by financial instrument
  • Group net situation reports
  • Distribution of banking income and charges and fees
  • Daily records

These statements allow for analysis by currency or consolidated analysis in the currency of your choice.

The balances and transactions displayed are refreshed dynamically (flows, forecasts, debts, exchange rates, prices, etc.) so that all authorised users can benefit from real-time information.

Application Allmybanks

Dashboards with charts show you the situation at a glance

Alongside statistical reports, Allmybanks allows you to analyse your data using charts and graphs such as histograms, line graphs and pie charts, which can be customised by user.
Within the dashboards, you are able to save comments relating to each chart or graph.

Benefits of Allmybanks
Intuitive set-up
Automates reporting tasks
Data updated in real time
Group-wide communication tool