Find out how Allmybanks could help you manage your payments and group treasury

With Allmybanks, you can secure your financial transactions and optimise your cash flow – all from a single interface. Accessible via a simple web browser (in SaaS mode)*, Allmybanks can be used easily in all your entities around the world.

* SaaS: Software as a Service

Allmybanks is composed of four complementary modules attached to a multi-protocol connectivity platform (SWIFTNet, EBICS, and FTP)

An access to the SWIFTNet network simplified with Allmybanks

Allmybanks is the 1st SWIFT certified software in France connected to the SWIFTNet network via Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications.
Thanks to this system, there are no longer intermediaries between you and SWIFT.


SWIFT Compatible Application

Manage your payments and your treasury from a single interface

With Allmybanks, the payment and group treasury management software, you can:
  • Receive, view and export your account statements and handle your payments and collections in the AMB Factory module    
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  • Manage your operational treasury: forecasts, balancing, intercompany management, risk management, investments and financing using the AMB Treasury module  
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  • Depict your principal management indicators in graphs and charts using AMB Charts   
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  • Define the rights and signing authorities of your users, as well as your banking communication via the AMB Connect module     
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Your customised home screen: My AMB

Find your most important menus on Allmybanks's home screen


Display the menus and macro-commands that you most frequently use



Your alerts are automatically listed: pending remittances or remittances to send;
pending data of your repository (third-party accounts, users, etc.)



View graphs of your company's balances and assets/debts.


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Ease of access anywhere in the world using the internet

The payment and treasury management software Allmybanks accommodates an unlimited number of companies and users,

and is available in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Chinese). Allmybanks can therefore be used by all of your employees worldwide: an internet connection is all you need to access and use the software.

Enhanced features for your financial transaction management

To go even further with the management of your banking flows, Allmybanks offers three optional modules:
Accounting reconciliation
Interfacing with your in-house tools
Accounting interface

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