Consolidate your bank accounts with Allmybanks

Regardless of the type of statements provided by your bank, the Cegid Allmybanks software for payment and group cash management allows you to consult them online or export them to the software of your choice.

Bank consolidation

Processing of daily account statements

  • Automated receipt of your transaction statements as well as your intradays (transactions within the day)
    • Processing of enhanced statements (showing all information sent by your banks)
    • Report in the event of an incident involving receipt
    • Alerting via email, mobile or Cegid Allmybanks home screen for sensitive movements or balance overruns
  • Calculation of balances by transaction or value date (by account or in consolidated form)
  • Multicriteria search function across all your accounts
  • Downloading by period

In Cegid Allmybanks, you have the option to display your accounts by company, bank, currency or group of accounts according to your own grouping criteria.

Bank consolidation

Balances and transactions in real time on a single interface

Control of access rights to account statements

Compatibility with all your banks

Processing of other banking transaction statements

In Cegid Allmybanks, you can view and download notifications of failed transfers or transfers received, of direct debits that failed or are to be paid, of B.O.E rejected or to be paid, of card payments, etc.


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