International payment and group treasury management software


Manage all your accounts worldwide

Banking consolidation

Centralisation of your intercompany transactions

Cash management

Multi-protocol banking communication (SWIFTNet, EBICS, FTP)

A simplified and fast access to SWIFTNet
Allmybanks is the 1st software in France offering the “L2BA” solution

With the "Allmybanks + L2BA" package, benefit from a turnkey solution integrating connection to the SWIFTNet network, the Allmybanks cash management software, and the technical monitoring with SWIFT and the banks.

Moreover, Allmybanks obtained the "SWIFT Certified" label for the fifth year, which guarantees that the software meets SWIFT's quality criteria.

For more information about SWIFT banking connectivity, visit our dedicated webpage

SWIFT Compatible application

New: SWIFT gpi in Allmybanks
Speed + Traceability + Transparency

The SWIFT gpi service allows you to make international payments more quickly with full transparency.

In Allmybanks, you can now follow up on your cross-border gpi payments and know the status of your remittances and the corresponding banking charges in real-time.

Payment security Webinar

Exalog and Trustpair organized on September 23rd a webinar on "Payment security: best practices to implement" hosted by Stephanie Bombart (CEO, Exalog) and Baptiste Collot (CEO, Trustpair). Watch it on replay


Sécurité des paiements

Allmybanks' new features - June/July

In June and July 2020, we added several new features to our Allmybanks software,

click here to find them out!


AMB new features 07/2020


Digital signature in the Cloud: sign your remittances soon from Allmybanks mobile!

The digital signature in the Cloud is one of the most expected features because it will allow you to digitally sign remittances from Allmybanks mobile. Fabien PENOT, Director of Production and Innovation at Exalog, discusses the subject in a video. Find out more


Exalog adopts SWIFT's new Inbound payments tracking program

After the successful integration of the SWIFT gpi service for international payments real-time tracking, Allmybanks will soon offer the Inbound payments tracking. Click here to find out more.


Inbound payments tracking


No usage fee per user
Autonomy of set-up
Updates at no extra cost
Security of your payments

The Allmybanks mobile application follows you!



Thanks to this application, you can validate your banking orders, consult your balances and receive personalised alerts wherever you are. During a meeting or on a business trip, you can keep an eye on your banking operations.



Available on iOS and Android

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