Foreign exchange risk management

With Cegid Allmybanks software, you can optimize your foreign exchange risk management.
Follow the evolution of exchange rates in real time. Register your foreign exchange and hedging products, and analyze their performance over time!

Gestion de risque de change

Follow the evolution of exchange rates and market rates

Cegid Allmybanks’ Foreign Exchange Risk module allows you to automatically retrieve the exchange rates published by the European Central Bank, as well as the market rates published by the Banque de France, free of charge, thanks to the FTP-Bank option. These are defined according to the reference currency that you have set up in the application.

The interface can also automatically import financial market data from your ERP or other management system. You will be able to adjust this data, and use it for your management reports.

With Cegid Allmybanks you can follow the exchange rates in real time to buy your currency at the best price.

Suivre l'évolution
Produits de couverture

Integrate your different hedging products in the currency risk module

Have you negotiated currency hedging products with your bank? Cegid Allmybanks gives you the ability to integrate your currency hedging products into its software to ensure better management of your current and forecasted transactions. Consult them at any time in your application.

You can register your firm exchange products:
  • SPOT
  • SWAP
And also your optional foreign exchange products:
  • CALL or PUT exchange option
  • Tunnel options

Analyze the performance of your exchange tools over time

Cegid Allmybanks helps you visualize and analyze the performance of your foreign exchange products over time.

Select the exchange rate table in which the initial and forward rate values for each of your firm products will be read, as well as the last known rate until the maturity date for each of your optional products.

You get a forecast of your current and future operations in a table, and can quickly analyze the gains and losses generated with your exchange tools.

You get:

  • A complete and synthetic visualization
  • Decision support to optimize your financial instruments and transaction costs.
Analyse des performances
Analyser et gérer l'impact

Analyze and manage the impact on your cash flow

The software automatically generates forecasts corresponding to the current financial transactions in your forecasted cash flow plan. This way you get an overview of your projected balances.

You keep an eye on all your forecasted spot or forward transactions and optimize :


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