Banking communication via the SWIFTNet network

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a cooperative of banks created in 1973 which guarantees the security of financial transactions. SWIFTNet is the private global network for banking communication created by banks and managed by SWIFT.


The SWIFTNet network

A fee must be paid to access the SWIFTNet network and an administrative process to join SWIFT must be completed. You can either connect directly to SWIFT yourself (Alliance Lite2) or you use a specialised service provider (Service Bureau).

SWIFT transmissions are performed via one of the following specific systems of your choice:

  • The SWIFT Alliance Lite2 (SAL2) connector
  • The SWIFT platform of a recognised provider (Service Bureau)
  • A bank’s telematics service

The SWIFTNet network offers the following advantages:

  • Standard communication over the internet (quick and very secure, enabling very large files to be sent)
  • Adopted by virtually all banks worldwide
  • Compatible with the international formats ISO 20022 (SEPA included)
  • Integrated personal digital signature
  • Safe transit guaranteed (”FIN” service)

SWIFT Alliance Lite2 with Cegid Allmybanks

The connection between Cegid Allmybanks and SWIFT is possible thanks to the SWIFT L2BA (Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications) solution, which is only available from selected vendors worldwide.

When you use Cegid Allmybanks and SWIFT Alliance Lite2, you benefit from:

A single point of contact

Cegid Allmybanks is the 1st software in France which can connect to the SWIFTNet network via Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications

Exalog takes care of all action necessary with SWIFT or your banks, in the event of a technical or operational problem

Tight security conditions

You benefit from Exalog ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified data centres which store your connection certificates to the SWIFTNet network

You establish efficient authentication systems

You personalise your payments validation workflow

Genuine autonomy

You are directly registered to SWIFT with your own BIC

You are independent in the configuration of your banks in the Cegid Allmybanks software: adding new banks can be carried out with no input on the part of Exalog or SWIFT (at no extra charge)

You can call on the assistance of Cegid Allmybanks free of charge to help you with the configuration. You will be accompanied by a specialized consultant.

In order to use SWIFT Alliance Lite2, you must have:

A letter of recommendation from one of your banks

A contract with SWIFT

A contract with each of your banks

A software package compatible with the Alliance Lite2 technology, such as Allmybanks


SWIFT gpi: Speed and transparency for your international payments

SWIFT gpi, which stands for global payments innovation, is a service offered by SWIFT to make cross-border payments more quickly and to get a real-time view of their status and the banking fees applied by the different banks.

In Allmybanks, you can follow the processing of your gpi payments in the history of your sent remittances.


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