Stay connected to your bank accounts with Allmybanks mobile


Allmybanks has a mobile application, available on iPhone and Android, to help you manage your payments and treasury.

Keep up to date with your banking whenever and wherever you are

Mobile Allmybanks
Mobile comptes Allmybanks
Mobile graphique Allmybanks
  • Validate your banking orders
    • View a list of the banking remittances awaiting validation
    • Details of each bank remittance
    • Refuse an order or account remittance
    • Validate one or several remittances at once
  • Receive your account statements in real time
    • View a list of banking transfers for any given day
    • Details of each transaction
  • Consult your balances by transaction or value date and by account, company or currency, and display them as a chart
  • Receive personalised alerts relating to your balances and transactions
    • In push mode, notifications received appear as a thumbnail on the application icon
    • Directly access details of the relevant transactions and balances
  • Validate the modifications of your critical data (users, issuing account, issuing company, etc.)

To access the Allmybanks Mobile application in a simple, fast and secure way, you can use biometric authentication (facial or digital recognition) or enter a password.

Should you experience internet connection problems, your data remain accessible in offline mode.

Benefits of Allmybanks
Monitor your transactions in real time
Consolidated view of your value balances
Reduced waiting times for validation of banking remittances
Alerts concerning risky transactions