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What's new in Allmybanks - March 2022

The Allmybanks software has seen some nice improvements in the beginning of the year 2022.

Banking costs statements in camt.086 format

Banks can provide their clients with bank statements in ISO 20022 camt.086 format so that they can consult the costs related to the management of their accounts and payment incidents. With Allmybanks, it is possible to receive these structured statements that allow for better control and analysis of bank charges by account and bank over time.

Relevés camt 086

Foreign exchange and hedging products

The Allmybanks software allows users to register firm hedging products (SWAP, SPOT, FORWARD) against currency exchange risk. Each time a product is registered in the software, the corresponding forecasted movements are generated. The ergonomics of the menu has been improved and reporting on the performance of these products over time has been added.

Enriched Pivot Tables

Enhanced Pivot Tables for better data analysis

Pivot tables in Allmybanks allow you to quickly create and modify cash flow and bank account reports to analyze and synthesize a set of data from various perspectives.
It is now possible to create reports on users: user review, global authorization summary, authorization summary by account…
Finally, in addition to the table display, it is now possible to create reports as charts (columns, rows, dispersion, etc.) and save them as customized templates in forms of charts.

A few other notable improvements

There have been a number of other improvements in Allmybanks in recent months. Here is an overview:
  • Fields have been added to the XML forms so that ISO 20022 payments can be processed by Raiffeisen Bank (Serbia) and RBI Bank (Albania)
  • Custom attributes set up in the application to categorize issuer accounts (management scope, overdraft limit, level of banking relationship, geographical area, etc.) can now be used as search criteria for bank and forecast transactions.


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