SWIFT’s "My standards"

Financial message standards offer great flexibility, and their use varies according to the bank or country concerned. Depending on the context, the fields to be filled in may be mandatory or optional. It is therefore difficult to know what information is required by your banking partners.

My Standards SWIFT

To help you get a clearer picture, SWIFT created the collaborative web platform: My standards. This online solution, meant for corporate users of SWIFT and ISO 20022 standards, centralises all the recommendations and specifications about them published by 110 financial institutions. You will even be able to export the data consulted (to Excel, PDF, XML) and test your files when the bank offers the option.


Generic information is available free of charge, you simply need to register with a valid email address on the website www.swift.com. However, to view the data of each financial institution, you need to be admitted by invitation by each of them.

Updated every other week, the platform allows its users to compare versions and identify the latest changes.

By centralising all the information, My standards allows companies to save time exchanging with their banks.


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