Allmybanks' new features - June/July

In June and July 2020, we added several new features to our Allmybanks software, find out what they are below!

Allmybanks extends its local format library

The local CFD format is used for national payments in Czech Republic. Allmybanks users can now import, validate, and send domestic transfer files in Czech CFD format to their Czech banks. Allmybanks supports all international formats: XML (ISO 20022, SEPA), CAMT, MT, and about 20 local formats: DTA (Germany), AEB (Spain), RIBA, CBI (Italy), CNAB 240 (Brazil), Zengin (Japan),etc.

Possibility to send remittances in local formats to the banks with EBICS "concentrator"

The Allmybanks’ clients who have a bank with EBICS concentrator can receive account statements from their foreign subsidiaries, and send orders from those foreign accounts (relocated transfers). From now on, they can also transmit those relocated transfers with EBICS in the local format of the account’s country of domicile (DTA, AEB, RIBA, CBI…).

Easier and secure validation in Allmybanks

The 4/6-eye principle allows our clients to do a partial or total monitoring of their database (third parties, bank accounts, users, companies) by at least one security administrator. Every time sensitive data are created, modified or deleted in Allmybanks, it is seen by at least two people (one person who makes the request and one or two people who validate). We redesigned several screens in the application to give security supervisors better visibility on validation requests and make their work easier.

PSR global reception in EBICS 3.0 with HAC command

With the new EBICS 3.0 version, our clients can receive their acknowledgment receipts (PSR) either by a standard PSR call to the bank or by a HAC PSR call specifically related to the new EBICS 3.0 protocol. Some banks only authorize the HAC command for PSR retrieval in EBICS 3.0. Allmybanks supports both calls.

Other evolutions:

  • Usability improvements: fewer clicks, control of open sessions, date of last connection displayed
  • Enhancement of several menus: remittances status, monitoring orders sent to the payment factory POBO (additional search criteria), creating third parties
  • Strengthening security: checking transactions with the same account but different payee names
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