International payment and group treasury management software


Manage all your accounts worldwide

Banking consolidation

Centralisation of your intercompany transactions

Cash management

Multi-protocol banking communication (SWIFTNet, EBICS, FTP)

SWIFTNet without intermediaries nor technical constraints
Your access to SWIFTNet fast and simplified with Allmybanks and the “L2BA” offer

With the "Allmybanks + L2BA" (Alliance Lite2 for Business Application) package, benefit from a turnkey solution integrating connection to the SWIFTNet network, the Allmybanks cash management software, and the technical monitoring with SWIFT and the banks. Your international banking connectivity has never been easier to implement!

For more information about SWIFT banking connectivity, visit our dedicated webpage

Universwiftnet 2016
We were there!

For the French bank/company relationship forum Universwiftnet, we hosted a workshop with our client Chassis Brakes International. This testimonial on SWIFT Alliance Lite2 showed that simplicity and autonomy were the keys to achieving success with this project.

Centralisation of payments with Allmybanks
Centralise your payments and pay your suppliers on behalf of your subsidiaries (PoBo)

By implementing the Payment Factory, you reduce the number of bank accounts, you optimise your bank charges and you reinforce your payments security.
Discover the Allmybanks’ Payment Factory here

Are you mobile? Allmybanks follows you
The Allmybanks Mobile application is now available on Android and IOS devices

You want to validate your banking orders, consult your balances and receive personalised alerts during a meeting or a business trip? Then, choose the Allmybanks Mobile application!
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No usage fee per user
Autonomy of set-up
Updates at no extra cost
Security of your payments