Your management tools can interface with Allmybanks


Allmybanks interfaces with your existing information system using two different modules: FTP-Bank and Accounting Interface.

Automation of flows using FTP-Bank

With FTP-Bank, you automate the two-way file exchange between your management programs and Allmybanks, regardless of your information system’s environment.

Schema ftp bank

Reliability and security of payments with FTP-Bank

Thanks to FTP-Bank, by reducing human intervention, you make your processing more reliable and your payments more secure, all the while retaining control. FTP-Bank allows you to:

Send your order remittances directly from your management software:

  • Standardised banking remittance files (SWIFT MT, SEPA, ISO20022, national formats, etc.)
  • Accounting entries to be integrated into the treasury (forecasts) or accounting reconciliation modules
  • Currency rate and market rate

Integrate your account statements into your IT chains automatically (e.g. your accounting software or ERP, etc.) for processing:

AMB your IS
  • Transaction statements
  • Unpaid reports
  • Payment Status Reports

Generation of accounting entries with the accounting interface

The accounting interface module prevents duplicate entries in your accounting process. Allmybanks therefore allows you to:

  • Generate your accounting entries and their counterparts (including VAT or other taxes), based on:
    • Your account statements
    • The Allmybanks treasury modules (intercompany balancing, capital gains on mutual funds, and interest and bank charges)
  • Export your accounting entries according to the format required by your accounting software (in text formats with separators or fixed lengths)
  • Cancel your accounting entries if necessary (generates a cancellation file)

Accounting entries can be exported by date range or transaction type.
The entries generated are marked within a data export batch to prevent the integrated data from being sent multiple times.

Benefits of Allmybanks
Compatible with all operating systems
End-to-end security
Automates accounting tasks and sending remittances to the banks
Duplicate entries deleted