Direct and simplified access to SWIFTNet

Take advantage of the direct connection between SWIFT and Allmybanks

Compatible application

How does it work?

The Allmybanks software offers an integrated connection to SWIFT. Therefore, our clients access SWIFTNet network without third parties being involved (e.g Service Bureaus).

This connection is possible thanks to the L2BA SWIFT solution (Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications), only available to a few selected editors in the world.

What are the benefits for companies?

With Allmyanks+L2BA, the connection to SWIFT is as simple and quick as possible. Companies benefit from a number of advantages:

  • They bypass all intermediaries to connect to SWIFTNet

  • They benefit from a Plug & Play solution, thanks to a technical platform which is already operational

  • They are free from all technical constraints, since we oversee systems operations and the monitoring of banking communications

  • They can setup SWIFT profile without specific technical knowledge
Avantages SWIFT

Why choose Allmybanks for your cash management?

Allmybanks is an international payments and cash management software. Offered by Exalog, it helps groups secure their financial transactions and optimise their cash flows.
Designed for international groups, Allmybanks answers any issues companies face when dealing with payments, bank connectivity and treasury management on a worldwide scale.
Service mindedness is in our DNA! Our customer-oriented approach often makes the difference during RFP (request for proposal) and convinces companies to choose Allmybanks among others TMS.
Our clients benefit from our 30 years’ experience in financial transactions software. They rely on our expertise in data exchange, file formats and banking communication. Pioneer in SaaS mode, we launched our first full web software in 1999.

What about the SWIFT Certified label?

The SWIFT Certified label means the software complies with SWIFT requirements regarding standards, messaging and connectivity. This label is granted for one year, following a comprehensive audit. This audit examined:
The hosting conditions provided by both Allmybanks and our SWIFT Alliance Lite2 platform
The software’s capacity for end-to-end processing of ISO 20022 and MT messages (sending and receiving), as well as acknowledgements of receipt with remittance reconciliation
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