EBICS 3.0 is one of the major topic for payments professional at 2018’s end.

Find below all you need to know about this new version of EBICS.

Everything to know about EBICS 3.0

Launched around 2010, The EBICS protocol has been created to replace old banking communication networks to exchange files between banks and companies.

Today, France, Germany, and Switzerland are using different versions of EBICS.

EBICS 3.0 has been created as a harmonised version of the protocol. Its functionalities and technical characteristics are the same whatever the country (France, Germany, or Switzerland). The 27th of November 2018 has been chosen as the launching date for EBICS 3.0.

EBICS 3.0 in Exalog’s software

As an expert of banking connectivity for more than 30 years, managing EBICS protocol is one of our main skills. To update our software, we worked on the EBICS 3.0 version for 1 year, and ended with conclusive connectivity tests with major EBICS platforms (Tessi, Elcimaï, Axway). Those platforms are the most used ones among banks (HSBC, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, …).

After those tests, EBICS 3.0 was available in all our software before the November 2018 deadline!

Our clients can keep exchanging files with the old version of EBICS with some banks and use EBICS 3.0 with new banks if they want: it’s transparent for them.

We pre-entered in our software the EBICS 3.0 parameters for each bank to facilitate our clients set up. If they need help, our support team is always available.


EBICS 3.0 is available free of charge in our software!