Ubisoft chooses Exalog's banking communication solution, Allmybanks

In mid-2010 Ubisoft, one of the world’s leading video game developers and publishers, launched a project to change its banking communication solution due to the announced discontinuation of ETEBAC5. Ubisoft chose Allmybanks, Exalog’s SaaS-mode application, as its new application. Catherine Vignand, Ubisoft’s treasury director, tells us why.

Who are Ubisoft, and how is the Group’s treasury management organised?

Ubisoft is an international group with subsidiaries in many countries. Financing and treasury management is centralised, so the parent company plays the role of in-house bank. Collections and payments are managed locally and the subsidiaries are linked to the Group via cash pooling (in the countries where legislation allows).

In which context did you choose Exalog’s Allmybanks solution?

Ubisoft began its project to change its banking communication solution as a result of the announced discontinuation of ETEBAC5.

Group treasury management is centralised in Paris. As a result, the main priority was the migration of central treasury with the Group’s banks in France, while taking into account the constraint of the discontinuation deadline initially scheduled for September 2011.

After analysing our requirements and the costs, the migration from ETEBAC5 to EBICS TS with comparable features and scope was chosen. We then planned for the introduction of SEPA, and the mapping of our foreign subsidiaries’ needs, in particular for remote signing, in all likelihood via the introduction of SWIFTNet.

Why did you choose Allmybanks?

Together, the treasury and IT departments managed the request for proposal. Several factors were taken into account: firstly, our specific product functionality requirements and secondly, the context of uncertainty regarding the migration calendar and the scope of tests to consider. We were seeking a solution that guaranteed flexibility and would allow the project to be implemented in stages.

At the end of 2010, we chose Exalog’s SaaS (Software as a Service) offer: Allmybanks.

How did the implementation and launch of this new solution take place within Ubisoft?

The project was launched at the beginning of February 2011. In discussion with our banks, in certain cases they suggested we be managed as a lead company. Our project team was therefore able to communicate with dedicated contacts, facilitating the technical dialogue between our editor and our banks.

The first stage was put into production at the end of June and the last at the end of October.

What are the results seen today (nine months after the launch)?

The assimilation of the tool and its user-friendliness rapidly allowed the team autonomy and progress in set-up, with the constructive help and availability of our contact at Exalog. We were able to train the signatories internally, particularly in use of the remote signing feature.

What are the project’s next stages?

The migration phase is almost finished; our thoughts are now focused on the final stages of the project, including the migration to SEPA.