Your banking reconciliation carried out automatically with Allmybanks

Automate your accounting reconciliation

The Allmybanks accounting reconciliation feature automates the lettering of your banking records, increasing the accuracy of your accounting work.

The software is supplied with automatic reconciliation rules, which are based on:
  • A pre-configured and customisable accounting classification system
  • And the creation of a correspondence table with your accounting entries 


Using these reconciliation rules, Allmybanks can automatically perform reconciliation (single or multiple) of the following types:

  • 1 to X
  • X to 1
  • N to N

To perform reconciliation, Allmybanks draws on the data from your account statements which have already been integrated into the program via the banking management module, as well as your accounting entries, which you have imported. 

Manual reconcialiation

Once automatic reconciliation is complete, you can manually reconcile the remaining transaction entries. The entries are displayed in two tables side by side (bank/accounting) in order to facilitate manual reconciliation. Once manual reconciliation has been carried out, the periods are closed and the accountant can begin to draw up the accounts and issue the relevant supporting documents.